Friday, October 9, 2009

Cello Students

Sarina Zhang, an extraordinarily talented young cellist AND pianist, performed as part of an event I produced this week. Her first piece (on cello) was composed by George Crumb, a contemporary American composer who writes atonal and complicated work. Sarina's take on the first movement of his Sonata for Solo Cello (which Crumb wrote while still a student), was playful, raucous and full of her 13-year-old energy. The audience was charmed beyond belief.

I was so taken by her performance that I went online to find other recordings of the Sonata. Youtube found me a clip of the piece played by Italian cellist Umberto Clerici and I was shocked by the performance contrast. Clerici's take is very masculine and aggressive, as opposed to Sarina's buoyant and light interpretation. Check it out for yourself:

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